Retrieval of quality data for root cause analysis and better decision making

Siddharth Sojitra - Torrance

About Company

White Wings Group (WWG) is a unique name that has developed land for luxurious and comfortable Residence, Commercial as well as land development in the City Surat and its surroundings. The group has experience of more than a decade in the construction area with timely innovations, meticulous planning, constant updating of Methodologies and acquisition of the latest equipment and infrastructural techniques. WWG appointed eSSACT project management as their consultant 2019 for Project management consultancy to handle all the construction aspect of Torrance project in Vesu, Surat and used digiQC for quality control.

Project Details

Torrance, a 13 floors 2 tower luxury residential project in premium location of the Surat.

Past approach

Use paper-based format where there was no accountability on who was responsible for the work quality. Also, the reporting in case of quality failure cannot be established as most of the time reporting dint happen and decision were taken on site. Data retrieval was issue for root cause analysis due the paper-based system.


1.  Project engineer accountability cannot be setup in paper-based system.

2.  Report of deviation took too much time as project engineer must go to site office, scan the documents, and mail it to higher authority.

3.  In some cases, deviation would not be known to higher authority and decision were taken by project engineers which might not be right solution.

4.  Data were onsite and higher management are in office so root cause analysis was very difficult.

New approach

The digiQC team understood our current issues and recommended the following implementation process with matches our organization system.

1.  Users shall be assigned EQC types based on their work expertise and experience which set accountability of each user.

2.  Site decisionmaker shall be made project admin so that they are instantly notified in case of any deviation.

3.  Auditor shall be there in the project to review the EQC type and EQC done on site.

4.  Higher authority shall be receiving mail every evening for their overall review of the project health.

5.  Due to available log and project-based reports, higher management will be able to see old quality data with available and do root cause analysis.


Client suggested for the minor modification in the Toilet area which require breaking of tiles and chiseling for new piping route. Our project engineer used digiQC for quality control for dado tile work which had a point in checklist with compulsory photograph that Are all the plumbing work completed before start of tile work? 

Due to compulsory photograph, project engineer must take photograph of plumbing route from mobile camera only which later helps us identify route. 

So, for later modification we used quality data available digiQC cloud platform which helped us identify plumbing route and damage to existing plumbing pipes was avoided.


Decision making was better and faster due to available data and was taken by the higher authorities as they knew the project at the site instantly.

Due to instant notification to management team, we saved at least 50% time taken for decision making in compared to our conventional process of reporting.

 Saved almost 90% of time in quality data retrieval as everything was available through search and filter feature in web module.

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