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Quality Management with Time & Cost Savings

Paper and Time Saved
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Site Visits Reduced
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Save Time

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20726 hours saved
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Minimize Paperwork

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124352 pages saved
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Save Rework Costs
82901 inspections done

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Why digiQC?

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Remote Access & Approvals
  • Save Time with Virtual Site Access
  • Hassle Free, one click Approvals
  • Ensure Project Quality with Custom Checklists
  • Use your expertise at the click of a button
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Authenticity & Discipline
  • Geotagging of the site location
  • Finger Print Authentication
  • Time saving with no back & forth on site
  • Never miss any checklist point
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Reporting & Analysis
  • Old & New Data Access, anytime, anywhere
  • Project wise, User wise & Agency wise reporting with analysis
  • Data collection for RERA compliance
  • Proof of quality in case of future client complaints
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With digiQC, our team at Shivalik Group can access real time quality data from anywhere and it also ensures that engineers make quality a priority on site.
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Taral Shah, Managing Director
The digiQC app provides us an opportunity to feel confident about real-time quality checks we need to do at site and is quite a convenient tool for the site team. It provides relevant information at the right time to the right people.
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Rajiv Shah, Associate Director
HCP, Ahmedabad
Using digiQC has definitely added value to our QA/QC process because of its ability to reduce paperwork and wastage. It covers all major aspects of the quality management process that are required to deliver uncompromized quality in a construction project. digiQC enables us to generate more accountability and transparency across our on-site team and our executive team.
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Vinnet prajapati
Vineet Prajapati, Senior Quality Engineer
Amba Township Pvt Ltd, Greater Ahmedabad Area
digiQC has made my life easy. I can sit in the office and see everything. Staff has become more responsible & accountable. I can access any data anytime from anywhere
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Mukesh Chauhan, Chief Engineer
Laxmi Group

Who We Are

"Progressive Precision to Perfection" has always been the motto at digiQC. With over two decades of experience in Real Estate, Construction, Software Development and Design Thinking - our founders have formulated a solution for helping organizations for quality control in construction works with Quality Management. We prioritize Quality because we believe Quality is the only function that defines an organization incomparably.

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