Think Quality; Control Digitally

Quality problems encountered today are a result of using obsolete methods of quality control. With digiQC, get a framework for quality inspections at the ease of your smartphones.

Improve and Elevate Quality Standards in Construction

Mitigate Risks

Get insights and catch alarming issues before quality issues turn into costly rework.

Master performance

Create a workflow that ensures quality checklists are filled at every step and enable site engineers to take informed decisions.

Minimize Paperwork

Revamp checklists and quality reports at the tip of your fingers saving time and effort.

Bring Transparency in Quality Checks

digiQC Quality Control app makes it possible for the site engineers to CAPTURE and RECORD real-time data onsite during the quality checks.

Ensure tamper-proof data with in-app audio and photo file recording features.

Clear and Easy Audits

Web-portal organizes database increasing searchability for easier audits.


Customize and create workflow solutions making QA/QC team accountable and gain visibility to quality reports.

Cloud solutions

Make quality management a paperless process. Customize and organize all QC checklists digitally.
Quick Access

Save time and effort by streamlining data.

Remote monitoring

Make onsite inspections from anywhere around the globe.

Unique identity

Customize project QC checklist in accordance with project requirements.

Gain operational excellence

MONITOR and MASTER quality while gaining informative insights from the reports generated project-wise.
Disciplined work-flow

Monitor step-wise quality assurance so that no process is skipped.

Data-driven decisions

Take corrective decisions from data analytics generated based on report insights.


The digiQC app provides us an opportunity to feel confident about real-time quality checks we need to do at site and is quite a convenient tool for the site team. It provides relevant information at the right time to the right people.
Rajiv Shah- Associate Director
HCP, Ahmedabad

Who Are We

"Progressive Precision to Perfection" has always been the motto at digiQC. With over two decades of experience in Real Estate, Construction, Software Development and Design Thinking - our founders have formulated a solution for helping organizations with Quality Management. We prioritize Quality because we believe Quality is the only function that defines an organization incomparably.

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