Quality Management for Contractors

Retrieve quality records from historic data. Hold definitive proof of project compliance and make money retrieval easy.
Project Based Flexible Checklists

Create and customize project-based Quality Control checklists with specific users and agencies.

Remote Approval

Monitor inspection in real-time. Connect teams, improve accountability and increase productivity.

User Logs

Make better decisions with performance insights on dashboard.

Save Time, Money and Effort in Coordinating Teams

Photo and Audio Remarks

Communicate effectively with QA/QC teams with text, photo and voice remarks. Get accurate information and increase accountability among site engineers.

Rectify quality defects instantly.

Quality defects in projects get expensive to resolve if they go unnoticed for a long time. With digiQC app, detect and manage quality issues the moment they occur. Get instant and targeted notifications of failures whenever execution does not follow protocol.

Cloud Solutions

Paper documentation is both inconvenient and outdated. Quickly access your data archives and analytics from dashboard using digiQC construction quality management software. Customize data in a cloud-based storage that is secure, searchable and reliable.

Monitor different projects concurrently

Work with multiple sub-contractors in real-time from a single device. Customize construction quality checklists for each item used by an individual contractor. Get instant notifications and resolve the issues instantly.

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