1. As a Real Estate Developer, how is digiQC relevant to me?

    The real estate industry is huge, every day you have to talk with numerous people; conduct numerous tasks, and ensure quality is not compromised. With the digiQC app, you can make functioning smooth, quicker, and easier. You can customize the checklist, do off-site and on-site monitoring, keep an eye on quality control, monitor every process, give approvals, check the data and records.
    digiQC dashboard gives you constant insights into quality for all the projects, it helps you to do a quick audit for quality control. It is like your virtual helping hand!

  2. As a Structural Engineering Consultant, how is digiQC relevant to me?

    We understand the work of a structural engineer involves a lot of stress and responsibility. digiQC can help you, as they can do real-time inspections and check whether everything is planned or not. The inspections of every minute detail can be done easily. Even if the engineer is not available on-site, he can check it remotely; he can accurately complete the work remotely.

  3. As a General Contractor, how is digiQC relevant to me?

    digiQC is useful for every individual connected to the construction industry. General Contractors are using digiQC for making their task easy, as they can monitor the entire site remotely. DigiQC provides a customizable framework for stage-wise quality inspections which saves a lot of time. They can access the data and record stored in digiQC for reference or check the quality of each step. The organized, searchable, and authentic data on the digiQC system is very useful for contractors in many scenarios.

  4. I am an Architect, can I use digiQC for quality control on my client’s site?

    The role and responsibility of the architect are different as compared to others designations in the construction industry. There are features in digiQC that can be used by an architect like a remote-approval system; it is a reliable feature of digiQC that not only saves time but helps to work uninterruptedly. Thus, an Architect can ask their Client to use digiQC for on-site QAQC thru their PMC or contractor.

  5. How do we implement digiQC in our organization?

    digiQC is a user-friendly application. We provide training and set up a session for our clients. After the installation of the app, we help them understand its usability and how it works. The training session is divided into 3 parts; System admin, Project admin, and Inspector. All of them have different roles so according to their role, apps usability is explained to them. Once the training part is over, the clients can make most of digiQC. However, we are always available to address the queries.

  6. How does digiQC help in quality improvement?

    With the help of digiQC, you can check the quality of every process, keep a record of the same and if there is a quality lag at any point in time an instant notification will pop up. You will be notified immediately. If you can not respond to the notification, you can always check the data of the quality process later as the entire data will be stored. If the quality is checked at every step it becomes easy to monitor everything and enhance the quality at every stage.

  7. We are an ISO-certified company and frequently do their party quality audits. How does digiQC help in such matters?

    We have made the auditing process easy. All the data & records are available on the portal it becomes convenient to conduct an audit. Also, it can be done remotely as the data on the web is universally accessible.

  8. Does digiQC have any checklist templates that we can readily use to get started?

    A lot of people have been benefited by using the customized checklist provided by digiQC. We have created an entire checklist library, wherein standard checklist templates for civil works, interior works, MEP works & others are available. You can simply select the checklist you want and start editing or customizing it as per the need.

  9. We already have a detailed paper-based checklist system, how can we use that in digiQC?

    One of the biggest advantages of using digiQC is that it provides a customized checklist. But, if a client wants to use their own checklist then they can follow two simple steps; configure your checklist into CSV format and then import it into the digiQC system. It can be done within a fraction of minutes.

  10. What type of smartphone would site engineers need to use the digiQC application?

    Before launching the application, to ensure usability; we have used this application on a phone with 2GB RAM. Henceforth any basic android or IOS device which has a fingerprint scanner & camera can be used to explore the features of digiQC.

  11. Our current QAQC system is very good, but we are concerned about the authenticity of the reports. How does digiQC ensure that?

    We ensure cent percent authenticity as digiQC follows an organized pattern with a tamper-proof system. The only designated person can use digiQC, thus the data is safe. To keep an extra layer of security one can use Geo-location boundary and fingerprint scan facilities are available. Also, there is no edit or delete options on digiQC, therefore once the data is entered, it can not tamper.

  12. While our current QAQC system is fundamentally good, but we are not able to search any particular quality record when we need it. It takes hours to check all the old files and records to recover specific inspection reports. How is it taken care of in digiQC?

    The most tedious task in the construction industry to maintain the records, the toughest part is to find a particular record out of numerous records. You may not be able to do it manually, but you can do it digitally with digiQC. Each stage of inspection is given a unique name. All the inspection logs and records are available on the digiQC web portal and are searchable. The best part is when you want to search for a particular record you can apply the filter option and search accordingly.

  13. When something falls on the job site, we want to trace the responsible agency and quality inspector who allowed it. Sometimes it becomes a blame game and we are unable to trace the accountable persons.

    The construction industry involves a mass of people, where tracking accountability is difficult. But thanks to technology, with digiQC you can overcome human limitations. digiQC can help you find the accountable person for each process, you can monitor everything precisely. It is impossible to tamper with the data stored with digiQC, as only a designated person can use it, also there are no options of edit/delete.

  14. How safe is my data on digiQC?

    We understand your security concern and we are glad to inform you that digiQC data is securely hosted on an AWS cloud server, which is considered one of the safest globally. You can use digiQC without worrying as your data is completely secured and safe.

  15. Sometimes job site may be in a weak signal area, so how will digiQC work in such a scenario?

    You can work uninterruptedly with digiQC, as it is designed in such a way wherein it will function even if the smartphone has no signal at all. However, the data sync shall only happen once the data signal is available.

  16. What to do if our site engineer faces issues while using digiQC?

    For any queries, contact us on +91 7984800621 (Mon-Sat) from 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM or email us : support@digiQC.com

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