Success Story of High Rise Premium Apartment Project

Project Details

With a project built up area of 7,37,000 Sqft, Spectra is a high rise residential 3 and 4 BHK luxury building in Ahmedabad. The Spectra project consists of 6 buildings with a total of 300 flats.

About the Company

Founded in 2010, Anaya Infracon Private Limited is a private general contractor. For the past 12 years, its main line of work has been in the construction sector, during which time Anaya has several large residential, commercial and retail-mall projects.

Workflow is followed
Ease in handling & monitoring Multiple Sites
Time saved in report compilation
The Problem
  1. Report preparation & sharing takes lot of time
  2. No workflow of inspection was maintained
  3. Critical checks were overlooked during random inspections.
  4. Handling multiple sites was very tedious.
  5. Client was not able to make out how is the quality
The Solution
  1. Instant report generation & shared reports on servers saved lot of time.
  2. We can create a stage-by-stage checklist. Engineer cannot move on to the next step of checking until and unless the previous stage is cleared.
  3. Engineers need to go through all configured points on the checklist & cannot skip any points.
  4. We can effortlessly search quality records and monitor many sites from the online dashboard.
  5. Access can be given to Clients so that they can see all records on their dashboard. 

“Remote access and centralized monitoring can be done and the main engineer can handle multiple sites remotely, which earlier was very tedious and time consuming.”


With digiQC we have better control over all sub-contractors. digiQC has made our work process smoother and faster. It helps us to focus on quality rather than coordinating & resolving mundane issues. We have saved a lot of time - thanks to digiQC.

“Using the web dashboard, clients can now analyse sites on their own. We don't need to explain the situation by phone. By eliminating unnecessary reporting, we've saved time.”

- Estimating & Billing Engineer, Anaya Infracon Private Limited