Success Story of Gruham Developers Villa Project

Project Details

Gruham club life is a 2bhk and 3 bhk villa project with a total of 370 units. It is designed in European theme & has various amenities like Gazebo, Jogging Track, Garden, Children play area, Clubhouse, Swimming pool and Temple.

About the Company

Gruham Developers started the first project, Astha Row House in 2013. Ever since then Gruham has made a successful mark in the segment of residential, commercial and weekend projects.

Reduction in Paper Work
Error reduced
The Problem

1. It was a real struggle to manage hard copy reports and retrieve them promptly.

2. Keeping an eye on all villa units and their work quality was a tedious task.

3. It was not possible to validate that on-site work was executed as per the prescribed workflow.

4. The absence of work accountability occasionally led to finger-pointing.

The Solution

1. On web portal reports are easily accessible at any time.

2. Monitoring on-site work quality is now incredibly convenient with real-time photos, filters and comprehensive reports.

3. digiQC's method of sequential and stage wise inspections ensures that work is consistently in line with the established workflow.

4. Visual inspection documentation and tamper-proof logs & records create a robust framework for accountability, making everyone answerable.

With digiQC we can now easily monitor the quality of work going on all villa units and remote approval feature has saved a lot of time for us.


digiQC has made report management much easier, simplified the supervision of villa units, ensured that work is done according to the correct process and eliminated concerns about work responsibilities

"digiQC revolutionized our QC process, making workflow easier & improving accountability on-site. A game-changer for Quality Control operations.”

-Dinkal Gandhi, Project Manager