Success Story of 931 Meter Long Split Flyover

Project Details

Pallav-Pragatinagar FOB is the 931 Meter long split flyover under construction along 132 feet ring road on Pallav and Pragati Nagar Junction in west zone of Ahmedabad city.

About the Company

HCP is a 60-year-old multidisciplinary practice that has given rise to six allied organizations, the youngest of which is HCP Project Management Pvt. Ltd. (HCPPM).

HCPPM has been using digiQC since 2019 across several of their projects pan-India.

Checklist filled on-site
Time saved in unnecessary reporting
Increased work efficiency
The Problem
  1. Daily reporting was lacking because checklists were not regularly filled. 
  2. Checklists were filled out back at the office (off site).
  3. A few points were missing as a result of the paper-based approach.
  4. Reporting minor issues to the authority at each phase was difficult because it required communicating every fact of the job sites.
  5. Engineers did not carry drawings with them every time on the site.
The Solution
  1. Through the web portal, our senior team members can check what all checklists are completed and receive final inspection pass reports regularly.
  2. Taking photos during an inspection can only be accomplished with a mobile camera, and geo-location ensures that inspection checklists are filled out on the job site.
  3. Due to the mandatory checkpoints that need to be completed sequentially, no points were missed during inspection
  4. All updates are now directly available to the authorities  & are notified via email.
  5. Witness section can be made mandatory on the checklist and this makes it mandatory for the engineers to carry & upload the drawings used for the inspection.

“The senior engineer can manage numerous locations remotely, which was previously highly laborious and time-consuming.”


We can better manage the site using digiQC. Our work process is now quicker and more efficient thanks to digiQC. Instead of coordinating and dealing with unimportant problems, it helps us concentrate on quality

“Because of the workflow that we can set in digiQC's checklists, the stages that were earlier skipped are not impossible to skip now.”

-Harshil Gajjar, Project Engineer, HCP