Solutions for Project Owners

Gain visibility of data and analytics across multiple projects on the dashboard. Get instant notifications that lead to timely decisions in critical situations. Build reputation by raising quality standards.
Compliance & Legal Defense

Manage future litigations and ensure RERA compliance with real-time quality records stored in cloud.

Real-time Quality Control

Inspect quality checks from web portal and application and save the time and effort in travelling to the project site.

Review and Respond to Issues Remotely

Increased visibility of the onsite project issues help in taking correct measures timely.

Monitor from Anywhere, Improve Quality Standards Everywhere

Rectify quality defects instantly.

Quality defects in projects may get expensive if unnoticed for a long time. With the digiQC Construction Quality Management System, get instant notifications whenever proper protocol is not followed at any stage of the project.

Eliminate paperwork

Paper documentation is mundane and comes with problems of filing, tracking and human error in filling up the forms. This may affect the audit reports and cause trouble with RERA compliance. Adopt digiQC and make documentation paperless. Capture data as per project-based customized workflows and keep track of quality checks using cloud solutions.

Identify training requirements for stakeholders.

Keep an eye on the performance of various stakeholders including agencies, contractors and QA/QC teams. Identify defaults and lagging areas with the in-built analysis report provided by the digiQC app.

Eliminate cost & time overruns due to quality issues

Mitigate risks with timely quality checks. Take informed decisions with instant notifications before quality issues revert as reworks.

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