Success Story of Common Effluent Treatment Plant

Project Details

The existing capacity of 50 MLD had to be expanded to 80 MLD and to achieve this several new structures were to be built and connected to the existing system. There were several structures when needed to be renovated and modified to accommodate the extra capacity. The sequence of work had to be planned such that the existing CETP remains in operations and any shut downs to be planned only on days when effluent discharge from industry is very low.

About the Company

Sachin Infra Environment Limited (SIEL) is a limited company created by the dyes and chemical manufacturers in Sachin GIDC. SIEL had a 50 MLD capacity to serve more than 80 process houses and has an expansion project by adding 30 MLD. SIEL day to day operations are under professional management under an appointed CEO, while the ownership is represented by Chairman & Board of Directors.

Improvement in efficiency
1-2 hr
Time saved per quality check
12 hr
Overall time saved across quality checks
The Problem
  1. Paper-based checklist were used which requires QC data to be sent to the Head office.
  2. This require scanning of quality documents and sent through mail for approval.
  3. The QC data was not sent immediately, generally sent at the end of the day.
  4. Due to this process the approval for quality inspection for received next day.
  5. This cause delay in project and planned activities on site.
  6. Dual approval process was set to eliminate any defect during execution and in case of defect during running condition requires downtime along with high maintenance cost.
The Solution
  1. digiQC team understood our process and suggested us to use remote approval feature available in digiQC.
  2. Remote approval was set for quality inspection.
  3. Once inspection was done the quality inspection documentation was sent mail instantly through automated system of digiQC.
  4. Approver reviews the inspection and gives approval or redo.
  5. In case of redo approver sent checklist point that require corrections.
  6. This reduce the time require for the approval process drastically.

“ Remote approval feature reduces the decision making time to less than 2 hours”

  1. Integrated fixed film activated sludge (IFAS) is an innovative wastewater treatment technology that offers several advantages over conventional activated sludge technologies. IFAS cage is the part Aeration Tank in ETP plant.
  2. If the cage is not fabricated properly then IFAS membrane require for the growth of bacteria cannot be installed on IFAS cage. This makes the fabrication of the IFAS cage very critical to avoid rework during the installation of the IFAS membrane.
  3. The QC for the fabrication IFAS cage was identified as the critical item as so this process require approval to be taken from the Head office before it can be installed on site.
  4. Thus quality process was instantly sent to approver team for approval to start the next process.
  5. Quality inspection document along with photographic proof were reviewed by approver. Once approver finds it proper he will approve the inspection document.
  6. Once approval is received from the approver, instant notification will be sent to inspector on site.
  7. This will get inspector go ahead to start next process in the execution.

Project team time was saved by at least 10% as they now don’t have to scan the paper checklist and sent the mail. Also, the data was systematically stored in the digiQC web module.

The approval process for which approval was given mostly the next day as the checklist was mostly scanned at the end of the day, now it was reduced to 1-2 hours. This saved at least 12 hours for each checklist stage that has been approved.

The project schedule was not affected by the approval process of the checklist stage. The critical stages in the project now can be easily reviewed by head office/experts without affecting the project team's time or the project schedule.

“ We implemented digiQC in our quality process and their real time documentation and notification help us to reduce time of approver process drastically”

- Kevin Patel (Construction Manager)