Success Story of Modern Residential 3 BHK Apartment

Project Details

Sangini Nirvana is a modern residential 3 BHK apartment project with two towers and a number of other facilities at VIP Road, Surat.

About the Company

Sangini Group has been actively engaged in the development of both residential and commercial projects. Throughout its history, the company has achieved the successful completion of 65 projects, encompassing a total estimated built area of 85 lakh square feet since 1984.

Report preparation time reduced
Work efficiency increased
Senior member's time saved
The Problem
  1. Misplacing and searching for checklist books was a big problem for us.
  2. Engineers need to carry multiple hard copies during inspection & some time they used to forget few.
  3. More time consumed for Sr. Engineer to cross check the work done by Jr. Engineer.
  4. Due to manual method of inspection, checkpoints were sometimes skipped.
The Solution
  1. Reports securely stored on servers & can easily retrieved when required.
  2. All checklists are readily available on mobile app.
  3. Web portal for Sr. Engineers help them to track and examine reports with less efforts.
  4. digiQC's sequential & stagewise method guarantees no skips, reducing human errors.

"With digiQC managing multiple sites has become much easier for us, compared to the traditional system which was very time-consuming."


With the introduction of digiQC, significant improvements were realized. Most prominently seen in the reduced qc report preparation time, increased work efficiency and the time-saving advantages for senior members

"digiQC helped us in streamlining quality control, data management & report generation, while eliminating paperwork”

-Darshit Sonani, Director