Critical Site Activity Quality Approval From Head-Office Causing Work Delay [Case Study]

Kevin Patel - Construction Manager

About Company

Sachin Infra Environment Limited (SIEL) is a Public incorporated on 16 March 1998. It is classified as Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Ahmedabad. SIEL appointed eSSACT Project Management LLP as consultant for the Construction Management for their upgradation of Effluent treatment plant from 50 MLD to 80 MLD in 2017 and used digiQC for quality control.

Project Details

Effluent treatment plant upgradation from 50 MLD to 80 MLD in Surat, Sachin.

Past approach

System was set for approval of Quality Engineer from head-office on important checklist stage. The Quality checks were conducted onsite through paper-based format after completion of checklist, the checklists were scan and sent through the mail to head office at the end of the day. The approval for the checklist was given by Quality engineer next day. This affected the schedule.


1.  Paper based checklist was used which require QC data to be sent to Head office.

2.  The checklist must be scan and sent through the mail.

3.  The QC data was not sent immediately, generally done at the end of the day.

4.  This process of approval was affecting work schedule.

5.  The quality defect can result in high maintenance cost and require shutdown.

New approach

The digiQC team understood our current issues and recommended the following implementation process to match with the project require

1.  The digiQC team inform us to use remote approval feature available in digiQC.

2.  The remote approval was set for the checklist stage which required Head-office approval.

3.  The checklist stage was sent for immediate approval when the inspector on the site clicks “Seek for Approval” in digiQC mobile application.

4.  The remote approval in head office get immediate mail.

5.  The remote approval reviews the checklist stage and can give approval/redo.

6.  In case of redo, we must do site quality control again.

7.  This all steps were done immediately without causing delay. 


IFAS cage with is the part Aeration Tank in ETP plant if not properly fabricated then IFAS membrane require for the grow of bacteria cannot be installed on IFAS cage. This makes fabrication of IFAS cage very critical and to avoid rework during installation of IFAS membrane.

The quality control for the fabrication IFAS cage was identify as critical item and required to taken approval from Head office before it is mark as QC pass.

In digiQC web module, IFAS Fabrication checklist stage was assigned with remote approval.

QC of fabrication cage was done through digiQC mobile application, at the end of checklist there was button “Seek for Approval” when click on button mail was sent to remote approval with all the details of checklist including photo, remarks and audio. The remote approval reviews the checklist and can approve or give redo for the checklist stage.

Once approval is given by remote approver, the inspector must pass the checklist stage by clicking “Mark as QC pass” in mobile application.


Project team time was saved by at least 10% as they now don’t have to scan the paper checklist and sent the mail. Also, the data was systematically store in digiQC web module.

The approval process for which approval was given mostly next day as the checklist was mostly scan at the end of the day, now it was reduced to 1-2 hours. This saved at least 12 hours for each checklist stage which has approval.

The project schedule was not affected by the approval process of checklist stage.

The critical stages in the project now can be easily review by head office/experts without affecting the project team time or the project schedule.

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