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Logos are everywhere. From the food outlet where we eat to the clothes that we wear. Some logos are text scripted; some are pictorial representations of the brand and in some cases, both of them are combined. 

Logos sometimes contain a hidden meaning left for the audience to decode and develop their own perception of the brand. The hidden meaning of the logo creates curiosity in the mind of the customer and this curiosity leads to the exploration of the brand.

digiQC is a digital quality control app developed to eliminate conventional paper-based systems used in the construction industry to bring efficiency and transparency to all the stakeholders of an organization. 

digiQC helps in making data-driven decisions and master quality management on multiple sites with ease by controlling processes through web platforms. With digiQC, a quality inspection can be done in real-time through smartphones by creating accountability across the project team.

Let's decode the logo of digiQC and understand the basic values of the brand created for digital Quality Control!

As you can see the logo is a combination of both text and pictorial representation. Here the brand name digiQC is written along with its tagline ‘focus on quality. 

Let's first discuss the tagline of the logo along with the word digiQC, it tries to convey that their main objective to develop this product is to improve the standard of construction quality by focusing on digitization of the quality control process. digiQC word when split has 2 words Digi means digital and QC means quality control, together it makes digital quality control.

Now let's come to the pictorial representation of the logo. What does one see when you come across it for the first time? It looks like an eye that is focusing on one particular thing. 

To understand more in detail let’s break the logo into different parts.

The circle that you see represents the entire construction industry. The construction industry on its own has many elements and is codependent. These codependent elements affect the way our infrastructure is built. 

The eye inside the circle represents visualization. The transfer, arrangement, and analysis of data that is recorded through the app. digiQC stores data in easily retrievable formats and also helps in analyzing data.

Most importantly it represents perception. The perception of digiQC as an organization trying to bring transparency and accountability to the construction industry to serve the public. Ultimately, everything is for the betterment of society. 

The CEO Sumant Kachru strongly believes that we all must do good for the betterment of our society and we should serve society through our ability to bring evolutionary change. 

Inside the eye, there are two concentric circles. It represents progressive precision to perfection. Two concentric circles, one inside the other suggest zooming in - indicative of reducing tolerance limits and hence increasing precision levels. With digiQC, a disciplined workflow can be created and data-driven decisions can be taken.

Last but one of the key elements of the logo is the small circle in between the concentric circles. As you can see, it is a solid circle to represent a focus on the target and that target is quality in the case of digiQC.

So the quality is at the center while other factors are leading towards that. At digiQC, quality is prioritized as it is a key-value that defines an organization. 

This was all about the logo of quality control software developed to make the quality control system effortless. digiQC constantly updates stakeholders about what is happening in real-time and helps in averting mistakes. This in turn helps in reducing rework and wastage. This promotes sustainability and saves invaluable man-hours which is a contributing factor to success in the recent era. 

With digiQC, capture the quality data and make data-driven decisions for improving construction quality!

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