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digiQC is a cloud-based software that inspects on-site work in real-time. It simplifies  how you collect, store and retrieve your Construction Quality Checks.

Customizable Quality Control Checklists

Cater to unique needs of each project with customized quality checklists. Assign relevant users and agencies. Make quality checklists hassle-free.

Increased Visibility

Real-time data, remote monitoring and dashboard increases visibility to experts from anywhere.

Authorized Approvals

Only pre-approved authorized personnel can inspect making quality checks authentic and traceable.
Real-time onsite quality check

Enable site-engineers to eliminate paperwork by filling reports in real-time.

Remote approval

Experts can seek, review and approve reports without the need to visit site.

Analytical reports

Identify trends from user, project and agency reports and control quality.

Offline data capture

Eliminate network dependency and work offline. Data synchronizes automatically in the network zone.

Remote audits

Provide read-only access to audit quality data.

Secure and reliable cloud storage

Store and retrieve quality check records on-cloud.

Instant notifications

Authorized personnel are instantly notified of any discrepancies or failure of the quality check.

Customize checklists

Create customized quality checklists of items and records needed on a project basis.

Identify training needs

Inspection data analytics help in identifying training requirements for your team.

Increased Accountability

With real-time digital records, make team members accountable.

Photographic witness check

Inspection witness photos ensure authenticity and accountability while keeping track of evidence.

Searchability of historic data

Cloud storage makes data searchable for audits and reference for legal matters.

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