School Infrastructure


Education plays an important role ineveryone’s life. Thus, providing the best facilities in an educationalinstitution is building the nation’s future. Thus, construction quality foreducational institutions is a high priority and requires attention to everydetail. The safety and security of young minds depend on providing qualityconstruction for educational institutions.

The construction of educationalinstitutions is simple yet requires maximum attention. Often, ignoring minordetails in quality checks in RCC Work and wood panel installation leads tosignificant maintenance costs disturbing the learning environment. Plumbing anddrainage lines should be installed with great attention to detail as dampnessand leakages can cause health concerns in the facility. Lack of adequate budgetfor maintenance work will keep piling up the repairs. This can be avoided byproviding better quality the first time around.

With these quality checks, authoritieswill be able to keep track of activities going on-site, their scheduling, andthe person responsible for undertaking the activity. This can only be filled insequence and abiding by all the requirements given in format.

One-stop solution for digital is sitequality control is provided by digiQC. The scheduling, customized checklists,rating system, and cloud storage of documents can be viewed from the webmodule. This allows easy access to authorities and helps in communicatingchanges deemed necessary to avoid rework and wastage. The app helps inproviding optimum solutions in a short period of time, thus, ensuring theproject is completed on time.

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