Residential Project


Attainment ofacceptable levels of construction activities quality is quite complicated whenit comes to residential projects. Quality in the residential project is veryimportant as it directly affects the inhabitants. The residential project has ahigh priority for achieving quality as the user’s experience will define futurebusiness and reputation.

However,achieving outlined quality in residential projects is a strenuous task. Thecomplexity of residential project quality management increases drastically dueto complexity such as checking of a fixture, drainage lines, electricalconduits, damp-proofing, fire and safety regulations, and several otherparameters involved. In some cases, important checks are not carried out whichcan later cause rework or can increase high maintenance costs. This can only beachieved if the quality checklist is followed at the right stage with properquality checklist points.

With theseQuality Checklists format, quality management will be easier and provided stageby stage guide to control and monitor quality. Download this quality checklistformat and manage on-site quality with ease.

Also, if youwant a digital solution for quality control then DigiQC provides a one-stop solutionto all these problems. The app helps in bridging the communication gap,enforces chain of command, increases transparency and accountability andreal-time data can be collected. Using this project owner can keep track of allquality activities and be sure of quality construction provided to them.

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