Bridge Infrastructure


‘Devils in the Detail’ certainly applies toinfrastructure projects. Minor details can cause significant problems if notattained with great discipline. Bridges project are large-scale projects, morecomplex, and requires more discipline to achieve quality assured. Rigorous 1andtimely audits are required to assure quality control from time to time.

Generally, the most quality problems inbridge mega-project arise from a lack of attention to structural detailing. Aminor mistake in reinforcement checking as per drawing, ignoring a note indrawing and use of old drawings can lead to significant rework on site and cancause safety issue at later stage. Quality control reviews are required by anexperienced person before execution of activity on site. It will verify thedetail twice and might help in spotting error that was overlooked by anindividual.

With these Quality checks formats, everydetail and check points will be examine by the engineer on site. Download thisquality checklist and ensure quality management with greater dexterity.

DigiQC is a one-stop solution for digitalquality control for enhancing transparency and providing sufficient expertisewith quick response time. The app will ensure quality checks are done alongwith an expert witness, real-time monitoring can be done and the checklist canbe filled only with appropriate drawing in place. Using the app, quality can beassured for such complex megaprojects.

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