Download 27 essential quality checklists for Solar Projects

  1. Earth excavation
  2. PCC pour card
  3. RCC Pour card
  4. Masonry Work
  5. Cable Laying Work
  6. Cable Laying Work - Street Lights
  7. Structure Erection work
  8. Fencing Work
  9. DC Cable Laying Works
  10. Earth Pit Installation
  11. Earthing strips Installation
  12. Bush Cutting
  13. Cable Tray Installation
  14. Cement Grouting
  15. Piling Work
  16. Stub Alignment
+ 11 More..
  • Civil Structure Installation
  • Module Installation
  • PV module installation
  • HT Panel Installation
  • Invertor Installation
  • Lighting arrestor
  • LT panel termination work
  • LV panel installation
  • PLC panel installation
  • Transformer installation
  • UPS installation
  • Deck overlay
  • Asphalt concrete Painting and marking
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Solar Project

Solar projects are complex in nature as they involve various aspects such as civil, electrical, mechanical, and other activities. Thus, monitoring these activities is very important to achieve high quality standards. High quality can be achieved with a proper quality planand well-established quality process.

Quality checklists play an important role in monitoring and controlling the quality of the workmanship. If quality is not maintained during and after the execution of the project, it will not only affects the time but also the cost of the project. Once the execution is complete and if quality is not maintained, this will result in high operation and maintenance costs.

In the past, lack of supervision and quality control has resulted in project delays and cost overruns. To mitigate this concern, it is advisable to follow a quality checklist on site during execution.

With this quality checklist format, quality management will be easier to control and monitor. Download this format for a quality checklist and manage on-site quality with ease.

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