IS 456 inspired Quality Control Checklists

Download for free detailed, stage-wise and easy to use checklists for RCC members.
Strength of your structure depends on quality of RCC members, that are built in stages. Each stage needs to be checked and approved prior to the next stage. At a minimum there will be three stages: Pre, During and Post. Even the points to check within these stages vary as per the RCC member as per specific requirements. The RCC member thus becomes a unit of quality control. We have curated a set of four checklists for most common RCC members as per the provisions of IS 456.
  1. P.C.C. (Plain Cement Concrete)
  2. R.C.C. Foundation
  3. R.C.C. Column 
  4. R.C.C. Slab & Beam

We believe quality is the most important aspect of a project and detailed checking at each stage would certainly result in better results.

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