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  • Hassle-Free Paperless Solution
  • Increase Speed and Efficiency with Remote approvals/audit 
  • Drive Continuous Improvement with Analytics (PDCA)
  • Get Transparency and Accountability in the Field
  • Bring Transparency and Accountability in the Field

Don’t walk by, raise an issue, assign it to the right person and track it till it’s Completed with our mobile app.

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Messaging Apps don’t resolve site issues

No reminders or filters

Not able to fix accountability

No tracking of issue - whether open or close

With Instructions by digiQC, you can

Stay on top of

Assign site related problems with reminders and deadlines for the concerned agency.

Send to responsible

Notify and assign specific persons of the concerned agency to make them accountable.

List of all issues with status tracking

Take necessary action with issue logs enabling remote monitoring.

How it works

Why use Instructions by digiQC app?

Issues remain open and later become major problems.

When anybody is responsible then nobody takes action to close issues.

When issues get overdue they get forgotten.

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of software & hardware would I need to use Instructions by digiQC


A smartphone with an android or ios operating system in combination with any laptop/PC is the only hardware needed. No additional software is needed as the app is downloaded from google play store or apple app store and runs even on low configuration smartphones. The web-panel opens in any browser on your PC/laptop. 

What is the meaning of EARLY BIRD OFFER?


For a limited time and on a first come first serve basis we have kept Zero Fees for subscribing to Instructions by digiQC. This Free Offer shall stop once the first set of Early Birds are registered and become active users. Detailed information shall be provided once you register.

Does team need any specific technical skills to be able to use Instructions by digiQC


No. This is a very easy to use mobile application and web-browser based solution. Anyone who can use messaging apps and email on browsers will be able to use it. 

Is there any training provided?


Yes. We have a self paced online training program on and those who pass the quiz get a certificate also.

Does this app need to be installed by all my contractors?


No. This is for your own team or representatives. The instructions given to your contractor will have an unique URL link to their own web panel on which opens in any browser. The contractor person can log in using their registered phone number and authentication by OTP.

Why is there an Early Bird Free Offer?


This offer is part of our promotion campaign for our Inspection QAQC solution. Those who get value from using Instructions by digiQC will be our ideal paid clients for that. Even if the early birds do not upgrade the free offer shall continue per terms of offer.

Is my data secure?


Yes. We are on Amazon Web Server and have taken all necessary precautions to ensure full data privacy. Your data can only be accessed by those who you provide username and password.