Download 28 essential quality checklists for Hospital Projects

  1. Earth excavation
  2. PCC pour card
  3. Reinforcement binding & checking
  4. Shuttering work
  5. RCC pour card
  6. Plum concrete
  7. Brick masonry
  8. Brick plaster work
  9. Flooring with cement mortar
  10. Flooring with chemical
  11. Granite frame fixing
  12. Window installation work
  13. Electric earthing work
  14. Electric cabling work
  15. Electric conduit for slab
  16. General plumbing checklist
+ 12 More..
  • BBCC waterproofing
  • Painting work
  • Railing works
  • Mechanical piping work
  • Firefighting piping work
  • AHU unit installation
  • AHU air ductwork
  • Roof waterproofing
  • Air cooled chiller installation
  • Chiller plant (Electrical)
  • ACP cladding work
  • Fire damper
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Hospital Project

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows” applies to hospital infrastructure projects. The quality control and quality delivered will define the safety and security of people in fluxing at hospitals. Though hospitals projects are simple in construction, the services provided in them require crucial quality control.

Often hospital infrastructure projects are comprised of heavy electrical and mechanical conduits. Backup generators and safety zone in case of emergency are also crucial. Due to complex requirements, hospital projects should have a good quality of water supply systems, drainage systems, and electrical conduit services. These considerations are generally in post-construction phases but have great importance. Besides these, utmost construction quality is required because frequent maintenance due to low construction quality can cost a business to hospital owners.

With these quality checks formats, all required criteria for construction activity can be followed. Sequencing and step-wise checklist are required to be filled which ensures quality control at every phase. All this along with remote access to in-situ activities for project owners and experts gives the low probability of error and quick response for risk mitigation.

With digiQC, digital quality control is served as a one-stop solution. Authorities can customize the formats as per project requirements and give controlled access to a person in charge of the activity. This leads to effective quality control, thus assuring client satisfaction and future business opportunities as reputation rises. 

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