Download 15 essential quality checklists for Highway infrastructure

  1. Clearing & grubbing work
  2. Earthwork
  3. Protective work
  4. Granular subbase laying
  5. Wet mix macadam laying
  6. Prime coat laying
  7. Tack coat laying
  8. Bituminous laying
  9. Lane marking
  10. Paver laying
  11. Earth excavation
  12. PCC pour card
  13. Reinforcement binding & checking
  14. Shuttering work
  15. RCC pour card
  16. Prior to releasing concrete
+ 10 More..
  • Erection
  • Grouting and sealing
  • Sign panels
  • Duct and conduits
  • Bridge rail
  • Guardrail
  • Waterproofing
  • Painting and marking
  • Deck overlay
  • Asphalt concrete Painting and marking
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Highway Infrastructure

Roads and highway projects are simple in nature yet have complex quality challenges. The only difference in an average highway to stunning performing highway projects is the quality deliverance. Though projects don’t have any complexity to their design, the complexity lies in maintaining & delivering the target set.

The longevity of the project makes its deliverance of quality difficult. Generally, inexperienced sub-contractors, poor quality of material used, and supply chain disruption lead to quality problems. Additionally, labor shortages and financial problems arising during construction add to problems. Financial problems generally lead to disruption of the work cycle and comprising quality in order to complete the task. Regularity of quality checks is a demanding task as the same work is repeated over a long stretch of time. Often, the person in charge tends to overlook in-site quality checks.

With this quality checks format, competent authorities can communicate targets to be achieved and the quality required. These checks will help in ensuring the checklists are filled by a designated person and require the attachment of proper documents and real-time pictures to ensure the quality is assured.

Digital solution provided by digiQC covers all the required criteria for these types of projects. Scheduling, time monitoring and work accomplished in a day can be monitored using the web module by competent authorities. The app can also help in workforce distribution and determining the next batch of materials required for timely construction. Using digiQC, quality control can be made easier and more flexible.

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